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Thread: Fuel injector wiring.

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    Replacing my intake manifold on a 00 502 mpi. I seem to have mixed up the wiring on two of the cylinders on the fuel injectors. Does the ecm fire the injectors sequentialy or do they all fire at once? It looks like there are two different wiring colors, blue and red on half of the injectors and green and red on the remaining injectors. Anyone have access to a wiring diagram that could help me out?

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    I would guess that they use a batch fire setup where all the injectors fire every time around. That's what I use. Even if you mixed the wiring up and the injector fired at the wrong time, you probably wouldn't know the difference. The amount of fuel injected is so small and the rpms are so high that a batch fire setup is plenty effective on a big block.
    Example, 3500 rpm cruising speed, all injectors fire 58 times per second with a batch fired setup.
    At 7000 rpm WOT with my setup, the injectors all fire 116 times per second and are open for 6.7 milliseconds. It's amazing that they can respond that quick and run reliably for so many billions of cycles reliably.
    When going for lots of HP, a batch fire setup is all thats possible to use because of the fuel quantity that you need to inject. You could'nt get enough fuel in the engine if you used sequential injector timing that only injected fuel every other time around.
    Sequential really shines for fuel economy and low end pulling power on small engines and that doesn't apply here.

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    I just rewired my whole motor, I hope this helps. Just for you knowledge I believe what UC stated in his post in correct.

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    Tbanzer, by the wiring colors you described(only 2 variations), it is clear that the injectors are grouped in 2 batches, each batch having its own driver.This is confirmed by the EFI.pdf that Deltarat posted. If it were a sequential setup, you would have different wiring color to each injector from the ECU. Depending on the programming, the "batches" could be firing simultaneously or separately. The road vehicles I deal with all fire batches separately.
    Looking at the EFI.pdf, it appears the injectors are grouped with 2 center cylinders on one bank and 2 outers on the opposite bank. In other words, one bank will be : green, blue, blue, green and the opposite bank will be blue, green, green, blue.

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    Thanks for the replys, just the info I needed.

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