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Thread: Oregon V-Drivers.........

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    I am looking for a set of baffles. Do any of you have a set that you don't need? I am looking to do some testing obn sunday, and nobody local sells them. I just ned them for the day, or if you want to sell them even better. I am going to order a set sometime next week if I can't find any. Thanks.

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    I have a set of mufflers that fir into a set of Rewarder Headers I'm in SE Portland. PM me if you are interested

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    Lilflattie - what kinda boat are you sportin'.
    have a few guys in the area running the flats.
    I'm also in the SE area.

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    HEy Voodoo.
    It's a 69 Hondo. I just got the motor put back together,and..Well the whole boat was pretty much gone through. So now it is time to play. I had it out for 20 minutes on saturday, to check for issues. Now I want to head out where I can find some other V-Drivers. I am in the Beaverton/SW portland area.

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    LIL'- SEND ME A PM WITH YOUR #. We have a club that runs in the area. I'm in CLackamas

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