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Thread: For anyone curious/interested, Mexico race updates

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    The Rio Balsas World Jetboat Marathon started the other day and its a little tough to get info out of Mexico due to communication issues but we're getting some feedback. Looks as tho Dale is doing well. The other 2 big shooters from Canada have missed a leg and thus are no longer gunning for the overall, just their own classes. Too bad too, the big 600"Ford of Spencer King sounded like its usual force to be reconned with and had a 3 min lead after the first set of legs. That is HUGE in this sport. Sounds like a failed piston, not good!
    Good luck guys and stay safe down there, GO WHITEY!!!
    link to the most recent updates. Hopefully some pics will start showing up soon

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    I am waiting for more input. I know how much the mexicans love us gringos.

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    well results are in, Dale won! woohoo! congrats. Lots of testing and hard work paid off. Im sure Dana is happy as hell too. not only got to navigate the race but was doing most of the prep/work on the boat.
    Way to go guys!!!
    Sounds like 29 boats started and less than 10 finished which shows you how grueling the race can be! Will post pics video when possible

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