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Thread: Wow 1 Year Old Already...

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    Wow Our Daughter Lauren turned 1 year old last week.......what a difference a year makes!!
    Man I can't get over how much this has affected me.....I didn't even blink when I turned 30....but her turning 1 and it went so fast has really hit me hard.....I love it but at the same time it scares the crap out of me...... :cry:

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    Very cute Chris, Congratulations to the big 1 year old!!

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    That is awsome.

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    A few more I had to post
    Sharing B-Day cake with Mom
    Of course Dad needs some too
    Helping me mow the lawn
    Eating "Spaketi!!" for the first time
    Just hamming it up for the camera

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    Bro, they grow real fast, next time you turn around, she will be five. Our baby is already 17 months and we can't believe it, you think we would since she is our third child.

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    They grow up way too fast. Just wait till she's 16!!!!!!!! What a heartbreaker she's going to be. :cry:

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    Happy Birthday Lauren
    It gets no easier, they grow up so fast

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    Nice.... Now the fun starts. Good luck keeping up as she gets closer to 2 y/o. :crossx: :cry:

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    Congrat's to the Mocks. its UNREAL how fast time goes by. Our little one just turned two last week. Just wait till she learns how to get out of her crib...good times
    Hey Didn't want to have this turn into something weird....... BUT, are you breast feeding in that first pic Chris :2purples: something are better unshown here on dramaboat.

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    Dan Lorenze
    It's amazing how fast they grow... Cute kids...

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