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Thread: Real Estate Help??

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    I know this is a boat web site but hell somebody has to have a job on here..lmoa.. well we are looking for some ideas or opions on what the hell to do we have try everything under the sun to move our house and no taco's yet!! our last stunt was lowering the house 40k and thats where we stand now..great house wonderful veiw good price good location ...any one got any ides that might help?????..

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    Ther are a lot of houses to choose from right now. Only the most desirable ones are going to sell, with the rest just sitting there. Make yours the most desireable, thats the key. New flooring usually helps, people love hardwood floors, and they say most of the time you can recover the cost of new hardwood flooring in the sale of the home.
    What a coincidence..... I can hook you up with the hardwood too. Central Valley Floor Design (

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    Hire my wife and quit trying to save a buck by selling it yourself

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    my girls a agent also but we are offering the 3% to agents!! we have tryed all kinds of lil tic and tats we get alot of people looking but no offers yet..the house doesnt need anything it move in ready. we have used the mls,craigslst also yahoo to do listings we also sent emails to all the agents and real estate people she knows..hell i can sell flys to a piece of chit ..but cant sell a house...lmao

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    Did you try mowing the lawn yet? Is the house staged or is it empty?

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    Its a tough market and slowing down...Most people are waiting for about 9-12 months to buy. Thats when there are suppost to be alot of good deals hitting. You may just want to wait it out. Otherwise watch those home selling shows...maybe take some stuff out of the house to show it. Make it look more open and stuff...Good Luck.

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    here is what im working with....
    we have been doing open house's faithfully every weekend and have showed it threw the week also...........

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    Have you tried offering some $$ back to the buyer at Close of Escrow? I've found a lot of folks buying right now have absolutely no money, so helping w/ closing costs is a big selling point. Offering a selling agent 3% is a good thing to do. You are actually offering them more than a lot of others right now. I know here in Vacaville, our houses are spending an average of 112 days on the market right now. Is your house reasonably priced? Is it in the ball park of the comps. I know you said you dropped it 40k, but that doesn't mean anything. Are you selling it by owner. If so, give me a call, I may have some helpful information for you. 707.447.1000. We are a real estate and mortgage office, and I have helped a lot of for sale by owners get their houses moved. Haqve you done a lot of work that you absolutely "love", but may not be what someone else is looking for. Like NOTALENT said, floors can be a great selling point...

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    SELLING AGENT BONUS usually gets 'em showed and sold here in Vegas :wink:

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    SELLING AGENT BONUS usually gets 'em showed and sold here in Vegas :wink:
    hell we are up for what ever!! whats a good bonus beside the commission?? :idea: .. my lady is into real estate also, she has asked around on what else to do but none have made any difference..the house is one of the lowest in that area but falls more in the middle when it come to pricing for hayward hills..its hard to be the lowest/but also make $$ cause there really no two house's the same up there...everyone has its pro's and con's......just looking for some inside crap that works...lmao..trying to stay optimistic!!

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