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Thread: Break in the Arson Case?

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    JB in so cal
    Fox just had a short blip about a raid on a house 1/2 mile from the arson site. Two young men described as "skin heads" were in the back of a squad car.
    The way the phone call went was strange. I hope it wasn't some sick joke- the local KCAL has nothing.
    Stay tuned.

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    Rewards up to half million right now and bound to grow. That's alot of money waiting to be had. I'm sure if it is arson, someone will be talking. Killing 4 people is alot of guilt to live with.

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    little rowe boat
    The problem with arson cases, is that the evidence is usually circumstancial and then to get a conviction the circumstancial evidence needs to be overwhelming.

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    Sure hope they catch those reponsible. Remember watching a news show a few years back and they said that most arsonists are caught within a short time because they usually hide in trees or bushes to watch the fire and masterbate.

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    From Fox New Web Site.....
    CABAZON, Calif. — Investigators swooped down Monday on a home only one-quarter mile from where a deadly arson wildfire was started last week and took three residents into custody for questioning, FOX News has learned.
    Riverside County Sheriff's Department spokesman Sgt. Earl Quintana confirmed to FOX News the three — two young men and a young woman — are considered "persons of interest" in connection with their investigation of the Esperanza fire that killed four firefighters and critically injured another.
    "We're trying to work through the leads that we have, and going through the process," Riverside County Sheriff Bob Doyle said.
    Doyle cautioned that investigators would be interviewing a number of people in the case. Quintana said there have been no arrests.
    Investigators entered the home just after noon PT (3 p.m. ET), and conducted an extensive search for evidence, including dusting for fingerprints, officials said.
    Cabazon resident Robert Dunham told the Associated Press that in addition to the residents, sheriff's deputies took three bags of material from the home. The area is a quarter-mile from where the Esperanza fire started.
    Another neighbor told FOX News one of the men taken into custody and placed in the back of a sheriff's patrol car was named "Jason," and described him as "a skin head."
    Other nearby residents described the three young people as "troublemakers."
    The raid included investigators from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, the Cabazon Fire Department and the California Department of Forestry.
    Investigators, including the FBI, have been searching since last Thursday for the arsonists responsible for starting the wildfire that killed four firefighters who were trapped when a wall of flames engulfed their engine while they were trying to protect a nearby home.

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    LHC Kirby
    If they are the guys that started it - hang them by their nuts over a fire!

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    a friend of mine's dad is the head investigator on this

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