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Thread: Anyone Up For An "Anna" Run Wednesday

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    Admidst all this commotion i feel i need a break and I think, actually I know I'm playing hookey from work on Wed. Nov.1 and heading out to "Anna" for one last run. Supposed to be in the mid seventies....who's up for it... come on "Iron mike-Jet's for me" and all you Pomonkey folks hows about it??? :rollside:

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    hey i was thinking us boys here in manassas and you and charlie and jack kojac and who ever else wants to join in we need to plan to meet some where for dinner soon so lets get this thing together and sorry i cant get off wed but lets all get together soon you talk it over with them and let me know

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    Hey Iron Mike,
    Dinner soon sounds great I'll get workin on it....but come on now jus call in sick.... probably one of the last days of 70+ days we'll see until next April...who's in... see ya there :crossx: :rollside: :crossx:

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    hey phille i cant cal in sick because i keep my boat at my work but listin mike t is planing for a bunch of us to go cart racing soon in leesburg or close to it and again lets get something going for that dinner

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    im winterized and have to work wed. looking forward to next year

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    Would like to meet ya but i have already put my toyz away for winter.. figures as soon as i put them up, we have a slight heat wave...

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    Where are you putting in at Anna wednesday, and at what time, Iam up for a ride.

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    We are putting in at the summer kitchen, its the place right next door to jacks...should be down there by noonish...listen for us and come on by :rollside: :crossx:

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    We put in at the summer door to Jack's house around noonish... alright I was almost an hour late but ya know I was operating on contractors time so I was actually ahead of schedule. Anyway had a very nice afternoon made several runs and many with "19Daytona" with his big ass 300h.p. yamaha outbooard on the back of an Eliminator hull...very cool setup!Beautiful day and end to an awesome season of boating...can't wait for next spring to get here...boat ran flawlessly and the oil leak at the oil filter head seems to be fixed. see everyone next season. :crossx: :crossx: :rollside:

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    It has snowed up here. I want to see alot of pics of nice people and weather. loves

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