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Thread: Golf Outing Dec 9th or 10th

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    Trying to find out what kind of interest there is in having a Golf Outing in North San Diego County on either December 9th or 10th. North County was selected so that people from Orange, LA and Riverside Counties can join us without having to crazy of a drive. The course is located in Oceanside, it is a newer course with a great layout. I asked them if I could wait until November 20th to get them the amount of players, they agreed. If you're interested just respond to this thread letting me know you'll be there and how many if more then yourself players you will have. Thanks...

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    Golf? Yes Please. I might just be able to do that. Usually keep my golf for the weekdays but will sure up my schedule as time goes on.
    Definitly if I had some new clubs by then.

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    I'm interested :boxed: Thats the weekend after boatblings outing. FYI

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    JB in so cal
    I'm in.

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    JB in so cal
    fore, left!!!!...

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    Clap clap. In.
    I even have your balls.

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    JB in so cal
    Ziggy? Toby - you can play two weeks in a row....

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    JB in so cal there's only 5 people in OC/SD/IE that want to play? I know it's the week after the Havasu deal, but c'mon!

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    Kinda hard for me to plan that far ahead in my life right now but I say HELL YEAH none-the-less and will deal with it later if I need to.
    Played Woods Valley over the weekend in a scramble....I like courses without so many big trees

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    I might like to bring my 24 handicap down.... Especially after I get the Ultra Shadow / Hole-In-One the week-end before.... :crossx:

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