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Thread: Boat Communication and Headsets

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    Need some info or advice on anyone's success on wireless headsets for the boat. Typical application of 4 people maybe up to 6 and any possibilty of having the music from the stereo pumped in with a wireless adaptor for the stereo.
    Has anyone done this?

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    If you are talking for communication, not just for stereo, I don't believe there is a system out there yet. The issue being, the transmitter part of the system would require to much battery power for the room in the headset. There probably wouldnt be enough room in the headsets, plus they would get heavy. Bluetooth technology isnt far enough along yet, the bandwith requirements for it are too high to get any quality out of it.
    Sure they have the technology in cell phone, but that is a much broader market.
    I use the Commzilla system. It is wired, and works great. The only drawback is the headsets are mono and not stereo. I bought the system through"
    Tom Frank @ Bearcom
    Tell him Dennis sent ya.

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    Pheelin Phroggy
    The problem we had with wireless is that they were voice activated (boats are pretty loud), when we had them adjusted to compensate, you had to yell to acitvate them. We did not have a good experience with them. Mark Foster at The Solder Joint in Orange has been developing sea to shore and cockpit racing systems for awhile, not sure if they will work for you, but probably would not hurt to call him.
    Good luck

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