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Thread: Time for a rebuild-455

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    The cam froze up in my 455 so I am going to have to rebuild.My dad is going to pull out the engine and rebuild it. Do you guys have some tricks that I could do to prevent near future rebuilds. This boat is my toy so it doesnt have to be top of the line. I have another boat for speed. I am just looking for a good reliable rebuild. What do you guys think.
    396 wink

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    Damn Michael, sorry to hear it. I suppose on the bright side, if there is one, it is just about the end of the season so you will have all winter to get it just how you want it. Me on the other hand, I missed 90% of the summer because mine decided to lock up the last weekend of April. If you need anything just let me know. I know the guys down at Wilky's really well to if you need parts or machine work talk to them.

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    thanks jordy, My dad also knows wilky and bruce. I am leaving the rebuild to him. i will be finishing my other boat. Next year I will be ready to race you with my other boat since you always want to race. The 455 is just a little cruiser.

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    Me? Race? Not with my 30 mph jet. Dont start telling stories and making my boat more than it is... I have a slow jet boat image to uphold here.

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    Jordy you are a nut, You make me laugh. You know you have a sweet ass jetboat and it looks good. I saw you come out of the no wake zone last weekend with that big boat and I know for a fact your boat is fast as hell. Much love from 396 bro.

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