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Thread: PRESS RELEASE- Boat Bling & Tobtek Unite

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    roln 20s
    Tobtek, Dr Marg and myself are extremely excited and pleased to announce the arrival of Boat Bling “Hot Sauce” (formerly known at Tobtek Secret Sauce). Boat Bling now has EXCLUSIVE rights to this superb and revolutionary cleaner along with the additional cleaners. As a company, our mission from day 1 was to offer superior products with the BEST customer service in any industry. Every customer has received personal service from Tom and myself and each customer has my personal cell phone if they need anything…anytime. These values have helped build our business over the first full year and I guarantee you this will continue. Also, with all Boat Bling products, we GUARANTEE your complete 100% satisfaction or your money back.
    Just for a little extra information on the creation of these products- a former Vice President of Meguiars developed them. That track record has ensured that Boat Bling will continue to add the best products available to the “SAUCE” line.
    Product Descriptions:
    Boat Bling “HOT SAUCE”: this revolutionary product is a thin ready to use liquid designed for use on fiberglass, plastic, chrome, glass and all painted surfaces. This will also clean your billet hardware and will NOT damage or discolor the finish. If that wasn’t enough, “HOT SAUCE” will not remove all of your wax, in fact, it reapplies a layer of wax as you go. The result is a static smooth feeling with NO water spots. This is the quickest way to clean your boat- spray on and wipe off. Now you can BOAT MORE and CLEAN LESS.
    Boat Bling “VINYL SAUCE”: this product will provides the cleaning ability to remove marks from your interior and will soon include extra protection from the hot sun elements. Don’t neglect the interior…it needs to look great for the day too.
    Boat Bling “TRANSOM SAUCE”: this product has all the power to remove the worst transom soot and water spots after a long day of boating…no more long scrubbing sessions, like the rest of the Boat Bling “SAUCE” line, just spray on and wipe off.
    We have always catered to the ***boat Forum community and will continue to do so with prices that are EXCLUSIVE to each of you.
    32 oz (quart) MSRP $19.95 Your Price $14.95
    Special Spring Purchase MSRP $39.90 Your Price $24.95
    128 oz (gallon) MSRP $54.95 Your Price $39.95
    “VINYL SAUCE” & “TRANSOM SAUCE” will be available after the LA Boat Show.
    There will be a package that combines one of each “SAUCE” and a Boat Bling cleaning bucket and will be offered at nearly 40% off. Get your order in now for this special pricing.
    Feel free to email me directly or call my cell at 602-312-4550 anytime. Once again, thanks for all of your support and see you at the LA Boat Show booth #624.
    Thanks again,

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    Cool Patrick. I need some transom sauce. Can I stop by tomorrow and pick some up?

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    roln 20s
    Cool Patrick. I need some transom sauce. Can I stop by tomorrow and pick some up?
    I'm expected the order for the Transom Sauce and Interior Sauce to be here after the LA Boat Show-- then we'll meet up and I'll deliver it to you.

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    Will these prices be available at the boat show? How much for 5 gallons?

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    BTW...Congrats...good to hear Toby's stuff is coming to market..
    Don't let Eddie Sniff the stuff.

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    I will take some of that and teh TRANSOM cleaner....
    this stuff works wonders

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    roln 20s
    Will these prices be available at the boat show? How much for 5 gallons?
    These prices will be available at the boat show. Hadn't thought of 5 gallons, but I can do that too. I'll do 5 gallons for $125. I'm not sure if I'll have this available at the LA Show-- but I can get it to you, no worries.

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    roln 20s
    Will the makeup/additions be the same as what we all have been buying to this point?
    You GOT IT- same formula and same production company- just us marketing it and pushing it Nationwide. I used it once and was hooked. Half a year we are.
    Kilrtoy-- You got it, as soon as I get the "transom sauce" in inventory, I'll get it out to you.
    ALL OTHERS-- I plan on going to Havasu probably 3 weekends a month this summer and can personally deliver it to you. If you are in the So Cal area--I plan on having a delivery source there as well.

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    If you are in the So Cal area--I plan on having a delivery source there as well.
    Are you taking applications? Just kidding, I will be living in Havasu come summer.

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    Congrat's to patrick and Tom for aquiring this product line. With their time and efforts to promote these detailing products, and when the word gets spead that these products are nothing short of INCREDIBLE, it should be a winning combination. Best of luck to BOAT BLING with their ever expanding product line. A clean boat is a happy boat....

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