I picked this up this morning from the USATODAY.com. Computers is cars... finally we will be able to download porn while in traffic!!! BEWARE: anyone following men in convertibles... make sure you have pleeeeny of windshield washer fluid!!!
here is a portion of the article i cut and paste that discusses the different options available now. We will prob. hear/see more after SEMA is over.
Ford Motor. F-Series pickups can now be equipped with FordLink, which went on sale last month, as a $2,999 option. The PC is aimed at contractors who want to order building materials or send e-mail from the cab.
A rugged PC fits into a cradle in front of the dash. The PC, which runs Microsoft's XP software, can play Internet radio and MP3 music files.
• KVH Industries. The TracNet 100 system, introduced in September, displays Web pages on a vehicle's navigation and video screens and creates a wireless connection in the car. The cost is about $2,000 for the hardware and $79 monthly for the connection.
Web access in vehicles "is going to be as common as cellphones," predicts Ian Palmer, executive vice president of KVH.
• Microsoft and Azentek. The software giant, working with hardware maker Azentek, will offer consumers a choice of two small PCs next year.
One is a small portable, a little bigger than a Cracker Jack box, that can be carried around and temporarily popped into the dash where the stereo is located. The other, a more powerful model, is installed in the dash. Prices for both will be upward of $2,000.
Drivers will need to exercise safety. They won't be allowed to view their e-mail and other distracting functions unless the car is stopped. But that problem is being solved as voice-command systems become more widespread.
For instance, Canadian firm Intelligent Mechatronic Systems next year will offer its iLane cradle for personal digital assistants. The cradle uses a synthesized voice to read arriving e-mail, calendar reminders and text messages.