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Thread: Cadillac hookup...anyone

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    I am itching for a new esv.. Does anyone have a hookup? gracias :rollside:

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    If ya can't find someone, theirs Southernboy on the ASA site.
    Lance sells more Caddies than anyone.
    Haven't head from him in a spell,,

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    Hey Deano, Why Cadi? Not a Navigtor? Curious as I am looking for something new too......

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    I'm just a gm guy. I haven't even looked at the Navigator.

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    is photoglou a cadillac guy????? if so, it sounds like he's the one to deal with

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    Well I go to work tomorrow at Tempe Lincoln/Mercury in Arizona tomorrow and I know the owner of the store for years I will be able to run my own show. So if anyone is looking for a Lincoln or Mercury give me a call 602-430-2922.
    Tom Minnigerode

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    Jay has a connection with Joey (does GM/Cadillac).. they hooked my mother in law up big with an Escalade....

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    Hey Dean give me a call. My neighbor is the GM over at the Caddie dealership in West LA . Mark 562.544.4732

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    I deal with dealers all day long. Have a great hook up in Thousand Oaks. Last deal for a friend was for $500 over invoice on not too loaded ESV. $1000 over invoice for loaded ESV. Nav is hard to find and a little more (2 weeks ago). Maybe less today as the market is kind of slow.

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    Plus you get any incentives, rebates, and/or financing that is available.

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