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Thread: Left coast to the right coast

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    What is the best way to get a boat fron the west to the east? I looked at some of the shipping companies and they want a fortune.

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    Whatcha up to, snakeman? What goes with the project?

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    no time for the project right now but I see some hydros for sale on the other coast and it's just too dam far. I'd go a long weekend for a boat ,but not a week.

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    Yeah- I've seen a few I would like to have, but the trip just makes them out of the question for me too.

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    :idea: OH SHIT.

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    it's either a new shrub over by the pool or a hydro over by the doghouse.....

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    give me a call and maybe a fair price can be worked out. 909-816-1101 or email at

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