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Thread: Its the newbie again... a couple more ?s

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    Uh... I feel dumb because I didn't cover the basics before I got the fine points Now I know what ring gap to use, but not which way it spins Boat is 19' Baja SunSport, Mercruiser 305/alpha but getting a 350
    1) I assume since its a single-engine setup that its a standard rotation, right? How do I tell the difference so I can check and be sure.
    2) Any problems using a newer center-riser exhaust on my old rear-riser setup? Will the new-style riser and downpipe connect to my existing exhaust?
    3) Anyone know if a driver's side (left hand) dipstick will be a problem?
    4) Any thoughts on using a larger oil pan to increase capacity? I'm concerned about long-term oil drainback at 4500 rpm. How about a windage tray/screen?
    5) What are your thoughts on other whimsical fancy stuff while its apart, like Glyptal in the lifter valley and heads, drainback screens, grinding out the drains for faster drainback?
    Update on my progress so far: I have the block torn down. Its a 30-over four-bolt with no ridge, so I can re-hone and re-ring. I think I'll consider upgrading rods, but the crank was good with a polish. I bought some Vortec heads and a bowtie dual-plane intake for them. It might cost me a couple hp over an edelbrock, but I'd rather have the lower profile for cowl clearance, and it came from a 385-hp crate so it shouldn't be too bad I haven't nailed down the cam yet, but it will either be a stock Mercruiser grind that I have, or a retro roller. Still deciding.
    Looks like assembly should happen here in a couple weeks, then I'm off to a dyno for a shakedown.

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    I run a 7qt Moroso baffled oil pan. Their standard deep pan would not fit into my bilge so I use their wide flared pan that's not as deep. Close to 7.5 qts oil capacity with the filter and cooler and lines. I also have a windage tray.
    Using a left handed dipstick with my block.
    I would not worry much about the #5 category. The only thing I do is add two large magnets to the bottom of my oil pan along with smaller ones near the oil drain holes in the heads. Just make sure everything has proper clearance.
    I'm in the same boat as you. Building a mean 355. I'm retrofitting to a hyd roller either the Lunati Voodoo 219/227 .515/.530 112/106 or the Comp Xtreme Marine 218/224 112/110. I'm going to run a 22P Clever and spin over 6,000 rpms though. AFR 195s, Performer RPM, Forged I beams, 4340 ESP crank, Forged TRW's 10.5-1 SCR.
    Sounds like you should have a nice setup coming along! Just remember the Alpha is your weaklink. No WOT holeshots, if the drive comes out of the water don't come back in under power, after WOT runs slow down gradually. I've made my Alpha live since 1992 using the above guidelines.

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    I had a passenger side dipstick on my 305 and when I went to the 350 the block had a drivers side dipstick. I just bought the appropriate oil pan and continued with the installation. No problems,
    Now like everyone else I want more power. Since I am redoing the stringers, floor, and trueing(fairing) the hull, and the engine is out on the engine stand I am going to modify. Going to vortec heads is a given, likely use the comp cam 212/218, .488.495 lift 112 lsa so a roller retro would be needed. I am debating on changing the pistons for a D dish if I do not have that type in my engine,(will find out when the heads come off). Likely about 9 to 1 compression(currently 8 to 1). Would like to end up with .040 quench.
    For engine rotation here is a good explanation. .
    Oh and curtis73 did you just buy the vortec head bowtie intake combo on ebay. I was looking at that and I think it was a good deal.

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    I didn't buy the combo. I bought a set of rebuilt Vortecs on Ebay from a really great guy in Atlanta, and the Bowtie intake from a helpful business in Portland, OR.
    The heads are in the mail right now and I can't wait.... I am itching to schedule some dyno time

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    A bowtie cast iron intake or aluminum intake ? Reason why I ask is there is no cast iron Bowtie intake for Vortec heads.

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    Nope, aluminum... Its the bowtie aluminum spreadbore intake they use on most of their crate engines up to 385 hp.

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