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Thread: what kind of distributer

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    should i put on this stock 460,the last one kinda fell on the concrete 43 times

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    or you can go to a good performance ingnition shop and see what they might have. In socal we have Orange County Speed and they do ignition rebuilds and conversions.
    Good Guys there!

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    I guess i should rephrase that..what kind of ignition set up would be best,i called to get new distributer and they ask..single vac?, double vac?
    i know shit about ignition,electrical!!I just wanted a bloody distributer

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    Check here. The Electromotive direct fire setup is pretty much the ultimate in precise ignition control. It's competitively priced with a complete billet distributor, box, and coil from MSD.

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    msd is the standard but my personal experience has been less than acceptable...three seperate ignition failures..two brains and one coil in two years is not my idea of a good time...
    check out these guys...

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    ok I'm probably gonna take lumps for this Key words here "stock 460". My opinion is "for the money" the best way to go is a Mallory dual point. Old school, yes. Reliable, yes. Mallory dual point with a good coil works great at the stock RPM range and has plenty of available voltage for stock motors. You will likely see no performance difference with a hi buck MSD or equivilent electronic at the RPM range you'll be running.
    Do the high buck electronics work good. Definately. But IMO aren't necessary for a stock 460 that's gonna probably see 4500 RPM max. If you had something that was gonna turn 6000 RPM I'd give you an MSD or Crane recommendation. Save your money on this one would be my call. A Mallory and a coil will probably cost a third of what a MSD billet dist and box cost. Just a suggestion. We sell both, and make more $ on MSD or Crane but it just isn't necessary in this case.
    ok guys let the shelling begin.

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    That's the answer I was looking for

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