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Thread: Any words for Kobe tonight that you want me to pass along?

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    Dont rape nobody, and NO means NO.

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    Ya, tell him to man up this year...
    GO Lakers...

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    Go Lakers........

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    if he has any leads on where to get a 19 year old white tail

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    I will ask. Wonder what his answer will be as he is a god fearing man now isn't he?

    He'll say I have to ask his my first. :crossx:

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    Yes, ask him where he keeps all those championship rings.

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    He has to givin 'em to his wife so she wont leave his ass...
    Fan: So Kobe how many Rings you got???
    Kobe: None, gotta keep givin 'em to my ole lady so she wont divorce my big dumb ass...
    I guess when you have them, you can give them away.

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    Please tell him that Mohave sucks :rollside:

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    Yea tell him flat out BOATING SUCKS!

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