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Thread: need some opinions on eagle cranks and rods

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    What is the general opinion on eagle cranks and rods. I would like to build a big inch motor for my 22' cruiser. not looking to go 100mph just something that will push this thing better than the 454 that is in it.

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    here is a picture of the cruiser

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    Jim B.
    I have an eagle crank and rods in my blown jet.(4340 crank & h beam rods).From my experiences and from what I've heard these parts are capable of handling most sane high performance applications. The only problem I experienced was with the crank, out of the box the counter weights hit the piston skirts, so they had to be clearanced and the whole rotating assembly rebalenced. With this added cost I could had bought a callies crank. Just make sure you check all the clearances, as you should with any parts, and they will work fine. My .02 cents.....

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    I run a Eagle crank & rods in a 540, no problems! Use L-19 bolts for sure!
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    Tha material is strong enough. The machine work is where they lack in quality.
    CHECK EVERYTHING VERY CLOSE !! even crank snout where the timing gear fits and keyway.
    The rods and crank journals will vary a few tenthousandths.
    Use the L-19 bolts for sure as mentioned in the rods.
    Buy the 4340 stuff.
    Same with Scat or Cat
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    ss wannabe
    Ditto above. Using Eagle rods in mine, and thought nothing crazy, the motor has been solid. My engine builder echoes the "check, fix, and re-check" everything before assembly. Same rule applies for anybody's stuff, though.

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