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Thread: Craiglist Boat-Something not right here.

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    Saw this on Craigslist. It has no hull numbers and it just seems like something isn't right. Maybe it is just a great deal????
    boat (

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    no way its going for that...may have left off a 4 or 5 on the front of that number.

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    I think he missed a # somewhere

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    Noisy Nova
    Easy way to find out,...tell seller you want to come and see the boat.

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    Maybe the wife's selling it, while he's out of town.... :2purples:

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    Nice guest boat for the guest house.

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    Desert Rat
    Not there anymore

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    If it is too good to be true, it is.......
    This posting has been removed by craigslist staff.
    (The title on the listings page will be removed in just a few minutes.)

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    I emailed the guy and this is what I got back,
    Hello and sorry for the late response, but i had some problems with my email.
    Thank you for your interest in my 2002 Baja 25 Outlaw. First of all, the boat is mint condition from front to rear so please don't ask me questions like "is it running, does it leak, does it have scratches, rust.." or any similar questions. This boat has always been garaged including at the present time, adult driven, never been wrecked. The boat is currently located in Athens, Greece. I brought the boat to Greece with the intention of importing it and sail it here, however I wasn't able to register it since it is considered an luxury vehicle and I am supposed to pay huge fees to make it legal for European waters. I am supposed to start an individual procedure for the boat through the Greece government and i really can't afford these expenses right now. I am currently in the process of purchasing a new house here in Athens that is why i am selling the boat. Financial reasons force this sale.You can make my lose your succes!
    The boat is available for inspection/pick in Athens (for local buyers or for cash payments vehicle inspection / pick up is available anytime during 4:00PM - 9:30PM Monday-Friday ). also, shipping is available(shipping cost $1,500).
    The price i am asking for it is $9,000, i will not negotiate the price !
    If you are seriously interested in buying please e-mail me your FULL NAME, COMPLETE ADDRESS, and PHONE # so we can start the arrangements!

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