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Thread: I'm eating more candy than I'm passing out.....

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    :crossx: :crossx: :crossx:
    I've got a whole pile of Hershey's wrappers going on. :crossx:

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    Devil's Advocate
    Part of the fun..

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    Well it's 6:45 here in Havasu and I havent heard the doorbell once... Good thing too cause my $6 bag of reeses from Walmart is almost gone.... :crossx:

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    No shit. Last year about 20 kids - this year 0. My kids are going to be bouncing off the ceilings for weeks.

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    No doorbells here yet. That is why I buy candy I like. All the house around my neighborhood are at least an acre. Kids don't want to have to work for their treats.

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    a catered life
    rod if you run out of candy pass out free tasters of gooffy juice

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    We're crawling with kids,, at least 100 so far,,

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    Tom Brown
    I'm eating slow cooked roast beef.

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    hardly have any time to eat any, our doorbell hasn't stopped. We've already gone through 12 bags and the wife just got back with 8 more. We're in an area where people come in from all over with their kids. I love seeing the real little kids, 1 to 2 yrs old, dressed up.

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    :crossx: :crossx: :crossx:
    I've got a whole pile of Hershey's wrappers going on. :crossx:
    Turn on the porch light dummy!!!!! :skull:
    Then they know your'e home!!! :skull:
    Have lots of candy left here too, closing door in about 35 minutes. :skull:
    Mark out :skull:

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