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Thread: Time for some pics!

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    El Prosecutor
    It is getting colder even here in California, I will probably be breaking out the wetsuit next time out. Anyway, I think the off-season is here and it is time for everybody to post their wakeboarding / skiing / tubing pics
    One to get the ball rolling:

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    98 Vector 21
    Kitty looks like its having a good time!

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    El Prosecutor
    Hey Coach, all we can see is the red x's - need some help posting pics?

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    El Prosecutor
    Here are a few...
    Just noticed that all of those are before the tower...
    You guys have ALL the toys!
    The sky-ski looks fun, but I haven't tried it. The wakeboard is my favorite, probably because it takes me back to skateboarding in the 80's, and behind the small wake of the jet it is not too radical.
    Great pics CS

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    DSW ( (
    The first pic is of my 06' 21' Calabria Sport Comp XTS that i picked up this april, and the second is my 07' 24' Calabria Sport Comp VTS i picked up this september. Can't wait to use the new one next year... :rollside: :rollside:

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    Hardly Satisfied
    nice pics

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