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Thread: Fifth Firefighter passes away

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    The fifth member of USFS E57 passed away this afternoon. Godspeed to you Pablo.

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    98 Vector 21
    Bad deal I hope they catch that f__kr

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    R.I.P He's in a much better place.

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    Phat Matt
    I passed a train of fire trucks on the 10 today on their way back to Sacramento. Some had "in memory of..." written on the sides of their trucks. It made it a little more real.

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    truely a said thing

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    Sad to hear..... :cry: Heartfelt thoughts go out to the family....
    Heard they got some suspects..... :220v:

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    heavy heart.... lots of prayers for the loved ones left behind...
    never forget

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    little rowe boat
    Rest in Peace Pablo. This breaks my heart, he was only 23 yrs. old.

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    Sad, Sad, Sad..........

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    I don't even know what to say here. RIP all who have given their lives to help others. GODSPEED to all.

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