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Thread: Willow Valley, anyone know about this area

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    It is in Mohave Valley and a few lots and or homes are available. Seems closer to the water then most areas out there. just curious if anyone has been there to see the "marina" and area.

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    I think its No. of Needles about 3-5 miles. A jet boat maybe your best bet? Check w/ the Needles peeps.

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    It's a decent little marina. Depending on size of boat with low water can be an issue (large boats require deeper water). There's a rock bar below that you can get through "if" you know the passage at low water (with a prop). Once you get by that its pretty clear sailin clear to havasu (watch for sandbars when water is low).
    Pretty fair stretch above without obsticals then have to know the river again (north).
    If jet no biggie pretty much.

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    Is the area clean? I was looking at few lots and even some with homes on them for an OK price. Just curious before I even think about taking a ride out there. Would you leave your boat out there in a garage or carport? :rollside:

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    Dana Dave
    I have a house in willow valley and i leave my boat in the carport covered up and have had no problems. Most of the people living there are weekenders but the neighbors are really nice. the marina is pretty nice since they renovated it but it is good for jet boats only. if you need deeper water just head down to jack smith which is about five minutes away.

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    Been going there for some years now. I'm lucky enough to have several friends that have places there. Most of what Rex1 said goes. Seems like it has been getting even more shallow these days. Good neighborhood, good times, and the marina is nice and close.

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    i have a new house in cimmaron lake which is right by mohave valley and i do use the willow valley marina with a 22' daytona with not too many problems lauching unless it is real early morning. As they said before there is a nasty rock bar just south of the marina that you need to learn the path to get around it. Love the area though!

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    The willow valley community has really cleaned up over the last 2 years. The tweaker factor is minimal as they have kicked out most of the "less desireable" tenants. A lot of new homes and construction going on. Nice private beach and marina...the longest I've waited to launch/retrieve is 15 min. The rock bar and shallow spots have been mentioned already. I'd say about 1/2 the houses are weekenders and the rest retired so make friends with your neighbors and you should be good to go. A good friend of mine has had a place there for 10+ years and they haven't had any probs with theft

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    Thanks the info seems like it might be a go. :rollside:

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    Quality Time
    A friend of mine has a place there. I launched my last boat (25') many times with no issues

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