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Thread: Balsa Parkay floor

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    Does anyone out there have a suggestion as to where I might be able to locate the balsa parkey material used in the floor of most v-drives?
    Any idea on the price and what would be the best manner to install and seal it? I have a week off between jobs and while I have the engine out, I thought I would freshen up the inside of the hull.
    Thanks in advance for any help- HB Hallett

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    Mr Dumass
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    Give Gene at Howard boats he can help you.

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    When we shopping for a painter to paint my Sanger Bubble Deck we spoke with Billy B at Krazy Kolors and indicated that he had a source for parkay flooring rehbs. Billy B prowls around on theses here fact he has his email listed on his HOT BOAT om line registration. Also Salvatore at ORANGE COUNTY BOAT REPAIR in Stanton in OC has completed balsa parkay flooring in the past for one of my buddies. He is located of katella not far from Stoker.

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    One of, if not the biggest, distributor of "end grain balsa", the parquet-looking stuff in the hulls you've seen, is Baltek.
    Baltek's website
    Check with them, or search on Google for "Baltek distributors" and pick one close to you. If you want some specific installation instructions, contact Barney on his site and go to the fiberglass repair section and post for him-
    Hope some of this helps.

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    roco racing
    ive heard good things about orange county boat repair.

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    roco racing:
    ive heard good things about orange county boat repair. So have I,a old friend of mine's stoker broke the transom up and they repaired it,it looked better than new.

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    sher-fab's # is 562-921-5206 and if you call ask for steve and tell him that todd from TRG Custom Fiberglass gave you the # . hell take care of you,... MO BETTA!!!

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    call lave craft i bought about ohhhhhhhhhhhhh 6000.00 dolars worth from them.

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