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Thread: Just bought another jet Sleekcraft Exec. Daycruiser

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    Thats right, now i have 3 jets and a v-drive, does that make me a jet guy !!!! Anyways its in pretty nice shape other than some of the interior is "home grown" It is equipped with what is said to be a very strong olds 455 with all hardin marine aluminum equipment, 4 point mounts, water logs, etc.
    It also has a wierd foward/reverse gear selector, its kinda like at outdrive, the throttle and gear selector are all in one, it doesnt have a foot feed.
    Now for the bad part, JACUZZZZZZZZZZZZZI YJ , YUK !!!! The pump is out and apart and wasnt with the boat when we looked at it but i thought it was a WJ. I have a bek 12 jb (early split bowl) that i may end up putting in. I Know it will not be a speed demon and only want to get up on plane good and quick and run around 45-50 !!! Got a few pics and will write more later , gotta get to work !!!

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    looks like my buddys 21ft Crusader daycruiser. He has the same shifter. Its kinda strange to drive with.

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    Yeah I drove a Cheyenne daycruiser with a single control...didn't much like it.
    However, it does makes it easier than a foot throttle to work the diverter.

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    I had a 1079 26' Sleek Ambassador boat, rock solid, wet bar with a white furry headliner. What a Pimp I was :rollside:

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    Sweet. How big is it? I have the single lever, but am switching to a foot throttle. I haven't been able to keep the bucket from dragging in the stream at low rpms.

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    Yes they are great boats, as Hammer said. I had a 23 Executive for about ten years, never had problems with the throttle shifter combo. I did however change the cockpit layout, and incorperated a Morse linear throttle/shifter, before finally selling it. To sit comfortable enough to see over the bow, your foot dangle on the floor, the peddle would need to be on a pedistal of some sort. Brad 460 has a Sleek the same as yours, but with a 454 Chevy/ Jacuzzi. He put in an American Turbine Energizer kit, and could not be happier

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    Pimp Boats I want one :crossx:

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    i too will be eliminating the hand throttle on my cruiser. other than that , it's all good.

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