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Thread: Miami on halloween... WOW (warning, pics)

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    We're in Miami for IBEX. Got in last night about 11:00 to the hotel and decided to go get something to eat. Didn't know if anything would be open that late. Turned one corner and walked into the biggest crowd of people I have ever seen. We got stuck in a crowd for over an hour before we could get out. I finally went back to the hotel and got my camera to take some pictures of the locals. These pictures were taken on the outskirts of the crowd. I couldn't handle being so confined walking down the street.

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    Nice pics John Looks like your kind of crowd j/k
    Hope your having fun,

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    Geeeeez. I'd be creeped out too.

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    The Jerk
    the airline stuardess looks to be droppin the duece

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    There is some weird things that go on down there. Some of those people dress up that way even when it is not Halloween. I used to be down there every other weekend when I played ball and lived in Ft. Myers. Crazy lifestyle for sure. Great pics have fun.

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    the airline stuardess looks to be droppin the duece
    I think those "shes" are "he's" :yuk: :cry:

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    a catered life daughter wore that same dam red riding hood outfit.....

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    the airline stuardess looks to be droppin the duece
    i think that one is a guy. :crossx:

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    you should have been in downtown tampa on sat night, Ybor City. its called gauvaween. its fockin crazy. parades, tits, $2 16oz coors and bud lights. oh it was fun. $hity sunday though.

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    Desert Rat
    i think that one is a guy. :crossx:
    I think they're ALL dudes :yuk:

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