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Thread: Python Problem: Any Snake People in Simi?:

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    We have a Pacific Islands Python living in the trees above our neighbors home.
    I used to get a local engine named ten Feathers for Rattle snake problems, but he moved to Bishop. He was great, just grabbed the fuxers and was done with it.
    Maybe someone here knows another Snake enthustiast in the Simi Area that wants a Python and is hep to capturing them.
    One neighbor has been looking for one of his many, but missing Yap dogs that hang out barking all day and nite long,, ya think maybe???
    My self interest in this is I have a real good gopher/mouse/rat cat and Pythons have a taste for them too.
    It's about 4 ft long, the wife thinks it's really cool, she doesnt mind have it hanging around at all. I'll try to get a pic today.
    If I blast it's head off in City limits will I get a ticket to appear, or will I get hooked up and locked up?
    I'm thinking a shotgun blast to the head will do it, but jail doesn't sound palatable.
    Any snake people in the Simi area??

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    Tom Brown
    Topless could take care of that snake for you.

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    if you shoot a gun inside city limits you will be in trouble. you should just call animal control and let them deal with it.

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    Just provoke the snake and get him really pissed off. Then call Simi Valley PD late at night..when Animal Control isn't on call. When the officer arrives, the snake will be pissed off and ready to strike. Maybe you'll get lucky and the officer will take care of it with his .40. I've heard a few LEO friends stories about shooting snakes...they can do it legally, and will !

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    Machette, Pellet Gun,...etc :crossx:

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    just put an ad out on Craigslist and I'm sure you'll get all kinds of people out there to get it. Although that python just might be worth a bunch of dollars so go up the tree, catch it and then sell it for some gas money.

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    Snakewrench is familiar with the 28 foot python and soon to be finished 26...

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    Take some pictures.

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    Tastes like chicken!
    Must have been out of 101 Ways To Cook Python.

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    call her454 she will take care of it :rollside:

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