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Thread: The joys of boating

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    fat rat

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    fat rat
    This was supposed to be funny..........but my video link didn't work, maybe miket can help me later to night.

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    i been here, just head down in shit, much like what is at the bottom of the Pax. Done, for now.
    I interpret you video as this one:
    loveboat (
    i saw it posted in the Sandbar some weeks ago, with the recommendation that it is hoped nobody got hurt or "thats got to leave a mark" or some such thing.
    I must admit being guilty of such antics myself, once or twice, but i believe Teri's trip onto the gas dock at CIM was just as good as these.
    One i remember was YEARS ago (37 or so) when i had a little flatbottom aluminum pram. I came as fast as i could (15mph Ted Williams Special) onto the shore by Whites Ferry hoping to beach the boat and did not get the little outdrive up in time. It hung hard about 15 feet out and Me and Teri cartwheeled onto the beach right in front of the appalled fishermen that lined it.

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    fat rat
    Thats the it in an e-mail last night. Just trying to bring a little humor to Hot Heads East. :crossx:

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    Humor we need,Shirley hit a deer this morning and totaled her Blazer.

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    Humor we need,Shirley hit a deer this morning and totaled her Blazer.
    Is she OKAY???

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    Humor we need,Shirley hit a deer this morning and totaled her Blazer.
    Well she did want a new one. LMAO

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    Stoved up a little, going to get checked out in the morning. Hit deer, then hit car that had swerved to miss deer, then side swiped a rock cliff. Very lucky. Frame was bent at least two places.

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    I hope every thing will be fine. But if you NEED anything let us know. LOVES

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    Thank GOD she's OK could be worse.
    Tell Shirley we send her (and you) our best wishes!!

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