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Thread: Who Will Die on LOST Tonight?

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    I am guessing Mr. Eko.

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    given his recent run in with hawaii leo I'm guessing your right.

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    Tough call :cry:
    The Rumour Mill is leaning towards "Man who carry big stick" :cry:

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    I am just hoping for more island action and less flashbacks.

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    Whats the run down on last weeks episode? I missed it.

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    Desert Rat
    I am just hoping for more island action and less flashbacks.
    I could deal with the flashbacks if there weren't so damn many comercials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will only watch it after it has been TiVo'ed

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    I've stopped watching it on Wednesday nights........ to many friggin commercials f's up the flow IMO..... I go and watch it online the next day...only (3) 30 second commercials to deal with. .... If you take out the TV commercials there is actually only 42 minutes per epsiode.....

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    if you miss a episode and don't have a tivo you can always watch the it on, you have to watch it on your computer which isn't as good as the bigscreen but hey if your hardcore you don't want to miss anything!!

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    We TIVO it as well...can't stand the commercials :yuk:
    My opinion is:
    The doc is there to perform surgery on the head honcho, and use Sawyer's disk to replace the diseased one I still think they are like a "Jim Jones/Scientology" sect gone wrong..............
    What is with all the "Deja Vue?"
    Is the sailor guy throwing stones into the ocean to let those folk know he is there? Where is the underwater bunker at?

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    Tremor Girl
    Here's some links to some videos that are supposed to be made by the Hanso Org. If they're legit, they explain alot.

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