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Thread: Thoughts out to Jungle Boy

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    Dave's dad passed away the other night and I know from what Ive been told they were very close. My thoughts out to the guy largely responsible for getting me hooked on tin boats. Its nice livin 2 mins from down the road from him now, a guy who's just been, as he would say, "good sh$#"
    Cheers Dave, thinking about you and the family
    Old school Upper Red photo with Dave, Rob, his dad, Pepe and the guys

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Dave, Sorry for your loss. I will hoist one for him and one for you. Pat&Julie WPB

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    Kim Hanson
    Sorry to hear Dave ( Jungle Boy ) that you lost your Dad, Marcy I both send our condolences......( . )( . ).......... :cry:
    Dave got me my first ride in a 100 mph tinboat, Rob Churnyks boat he is a cool shit!

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