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Thread: PARTY TIME-its that time of the year again

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    a catered life
    YEA-HOO planning starts today for the the 3rd annual "a catered life's" christmas party.....i have received approval from the man and woman in charge (jbr and cassandra) that the 9th is the day.........mark your calender.....last years was a blast and looking to make this years bigger :crossx: this year there will be no oral given out by my santa but maybe a little driving the boat in the driveway but maybe more drunken sailor shots and no changing of computer settings unless i can get the shots from the last trip out

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    I am there!

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    Marked the calendar.

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    Aqua Boogie1
    Wheres it located???

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    a catered life
    palmdale california about 40 minutes north of la freeway friendly

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    That date works for us

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    What time?

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    I love your parties, can't wait.
    Sara out

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    December 9th? I'll have to see about that one.....

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    Cool, I'm off that night!!
    Party, Party, Party!! :220v:
    Look out Santa, here we come.. :rollside:

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