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Thread: Beautiful fall day in Georgia

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    I love these warm fall days here in and I couldn't resist taking a few pictures. In another month though I'll be cursing all of the leaves as the gutters and the yard will be covered with them.

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    Looks beautiful....what body of water is that??

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    Those are very nice pics, Thanks. Wish we had the guts to move back there :idea:

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    beautiful pics, thanks for sharing. Although give it some time and you won't only be cursing the leaves, but the snow too

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    Bajamike, that's Lake Lanier. It's still a pretty nice lake, it gets a little crowded on some summer weekends but not too bad yet.
    MsDrmr, no snow here, you must be think soviet Georgia The kids wish we would get some but all we get is an occasional ice storm but it melts pretty fast. It was high 70's today and we get 60 degree days in december where I can still take the boat out.

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    Wow, that's amazing, it looks just like Havasu :rollside:

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    From Google Maps, Lake Lanier, GA
    Looks like a pretty big lake!!

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    Tom Brown
    Beautiful pictures, 572D.

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    Wow, that's amazing, it looks just like Havasu :rollside:
    Except for all those colorfull trees and sh*t...... :idea:

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    Where is Lake Sinclair from there? I did a lot Loan on the water for one of my clients.

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