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Thread: Again! Show The Info On The Lakes.

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    They do have houseboats to rent. That is if some of us want to share the boat prices.
    If we to get the cabins ( )
    If you wantede to camp?
    If we wanted to do dinner on the "proud mary" we can have it set up.
    Potomac river? But I am sure someone else would know more about this one.
    The susquehanna river? Around the Harrisburg? Unless someone knows a better area.
    What if one of these?

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    lets see smith mountain lake
    it has 23 historical attractions
    sailing ,shopping,art galleries,dinning,wineries
    its 22.000 acres big thats 500 shoreline miles
    11 marinas, 2 national monuments
    5 golf courses and 50 special events each year
    their is no noise restrictions in effect but you need your mufflers as on all va lakes and a dgif permit for events with more that 50 boats its free when you get it
    check it out at: www.dgif.virginia.govfor the rest of virginias lakes
    Kanawha river wva
    lake gaston
    claytor lake
    mt island lake
    lake kerr

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