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Thread: Borat Movie

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    Phat Al
    Who going to see the Borat movie this weekend??? Howard Stern interviewed him this morning, to F'n funny!

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    Wow-a-Wee-wa, i'll be seeing it. Hopefully he didn't over do it on the movie but if its anythg like his show we are in for a treat....

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    I'm going. Everyting i've seen just cracks me up. I find myself rewinding the commercials. Did anyone see Borat on Letterman? Too funny!

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    Does this pic belong in the hot chick thread?

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    you would post that eric. haha
    Camel puller

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    you would post that eric. haha
    Camel puller
    I try to do, what I can do, when I can do it. By the way welcome to ***boat Katch :crossx:

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