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    I think I've asked this before but...
    Does anyone know where I can get an AL rocker switch plate cover?
    The one I have is beat to shit. It has "Start, Mag, Fuel and Bilge etched above each switch. I saw one awhile ago in a catalog but can't remember which catalog. Or does someone know where I can get one fabbed? The plate would be easy but I don't know about the labeling.

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    There's quite a few that makes them but Painless has some cool ones!..
    Painless! (

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    Thanks Art.
    Those are close I'm probably going to have to have one made.

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    Have you tried these guys???..
    Eddie Marine! (

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    LD Mandella
    I made mine for pull switches, same idea, any trophy place can engrave whatever you would like on the plate after it is fabbed up, I had the pull knobs engraved for my specific functions. Turns out to be a fairly inexpensive way to gat a nice cutom set-up.
    Good luck

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    Thanks Art. I'll see if Eddie M can make me one.
    If not I'll have Baot anchor make one and follow LD Mandella's advice.
    Or..................I'll see if a trophy shop can do the whole nine yards.

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    Boat Anchor makes nice stuff. Why buy the same thing everyone else has when you have his talent right there?

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    Boat Anchor makes nice stuff. Why buy the same thing everyone else has when you have his talent right there?
    I was worried about the etching. I would talk to him first if I couldn't find one off the shelf (which I haven't). So I took LD's suggestion and will have Scott make me one and the trophy shop will etch it.
    Thanks for all the input.

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