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Thread: On the road again..

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    Driving out to commerce,ga to race in the SSHS drag race shootout
    Anyone out that way should stop by and have a few with our group,we'll be partying it up friday night!
    got to take a shower/pack/fill cooler and hit the road ..
    Everyone have a great weekend..

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    Good luck! :boxed:

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    Good luck in the race. Have fun.

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    got back today..
    Entered the GTO in the heads up BIG DOG Class (Im the DAWG Brah! )
    class and managed to get take out a couple of 12sec Marauders
    before getting eliminated by Impala SS Cherry Bomb that ran 10.3.
    Same car later ran 9s.
    Car weighed in legal at 4040lbs with an extra 100+lbs of weight added
    got 4 12.1s spinning and one 12.0 ,couple of low 12s and a tire burning 12.7
    car kept loosing mph but running same et,,don know whats up with that.
    My last run was a 12.1 but at only 108mph. I got 8 runs in total..
    I left late on thursday on my 1100mile journey so
    I decided to drive straight thru,
    got to Atlanta just in time for morning rush hour..
    Very different than afternoon rushhour.
    Instead of a couple million cars sitting bumper to
    bumper it was a couple million cars doing the speed
    of sound trying to get to work before traffic got jammed up.
    nightime activities included drinking in the parking lot after the
    race,burnouts,drinking in the restaurant,drinking at the stripclub
    and drinking back at the hotel parking lot.

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