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Thread: Paging clownpuncher

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    The service for the USFS guys is gonna be this Sunday. You gonna be around. If I am gonna go that far, I might as well have some lunch at your place.
    Anybody else interested in meeting up?

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    Unfortunately I've prior commitments with others involved, so I can't change now. In fact, I'll be out of town starting today through Tuesday.
    Thanks for going to the service and supporting the friends and family of the murdered firemen.
    If anyone takes CbadDad's offer let me know and I'll make sure a couple beers are sent to your table. My wife should be at the restaurant and I know she'd love to meet whoever shows.
    Although I can't be at the service personally, I sure as hell gonna be there in spirit. Gob bless em all.

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    There's a small chance I was going to be out your way this weekend to pick up a pool cue from Palm Dessert. If I ended up going I was going to swing by for some beers and food.

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    Thanks CP. Tell your wife I'll be the guy in Class A's from San Diego. I probably bring a few others with me.

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