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Thread: FFF'd-up Picture!!!

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    Mr. V-Driver
    Somebodies wife drove the family Truck on top of His Precious!!!
    Man,......I'd hate to be in her shoes!!!

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    LOL....Arkansas...... a Ferrari, a Vespa and an POS F-150...... nice combo...
    At least the Vespa is OK! :crossx:

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    98 Vector 21
    At least the vespa is ok....

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    My wife asked me to drive my car today to a meeting in another city.... I was like "let me think about that....that would be a NO!!!" Geeez....and those pictures are close to what I would fear.

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    That hurts....make a grown man cry!

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    Big Kahunaa
    the Ferrari drove under the f150

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    Phat Al
    agree Farrari drove under the F150

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