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    good stuff, here's a few more
    Some of you guys HAVE to try this

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    good videos. i can hear the engines instead of music.

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    thats rad. How the hell do you not destroy you pump flying over shit like that

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    thanks for the posts, especially of the hardware.

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    wow i had seen the grate before (that one is a little more serious) but I had never seen a billet suction piece. What does it weigh? what about the impeller and the wear ring do you replace them on a regualr basis or do they last

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    No doubt that is some crazy shiot. Us fiberglass boys wouldn't get past the first rock bar. Kind of makes me cringe every time I hear the hardware draggin on the bottom. That suction piece is sick!!! Lets heat some more about it.

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    Hey guys, didn't mean to hijack this thread, sorry!
    I never get tired of watching those vids myself, awesome stuff! Its almost as fun showing them to you guys as actually taking out a newbie who's never done it!
    I don't think anyone runs that suction piece for adventureboating. Its totally unecesaary. Its for the high HP guys who were starting to blow apart suction housings. Remember in marathon racing you may be putting 1000 HP to a pump for an HOUR or maybe more Thats hard on cast parts for sure.
    I can get a price and weight on that for you but I will warn you its NOT cheap. I believe its around 6K Canadian.
    Basically the standard riverboat will have a rock grate similar to the one shown. 1/2" bar spacing is about the norm so yea anything smaller than that goes right thru your pump. You really would be very surprised how well they hold up to this(assuming you have a SS impellor) Probably alot better than you would guess. We don't stress too much about it cause you really have no choice. If you're worried about every little rock that goes through you really are not going to enjoy this type of boating! We punish pumps, no doubt about that so you guys should stop worrying so much about a little sand haha
    When you get stuck sometimes you have no choice but to try to get back up on plane in water thats far from ideal. Ive seen guys clipping bottom while trying to get on step and have film of rocks shooting out the nozzle while helping hold a guy in a deep spot before he nails it. Getting up that way is ALWAYS better than pushing the boat even further. Pushing a jetboat over wet gravel is hard work!
    Here's a little adventureboat scenario for ya:
    last weekend I took my new housemate out on the river. She just moved here and has never been in a riverboat. The day was sorta so so, overcast and chilly(snowed the next morning). We dressed for it and took out a 15' Outlaw sprint powered with a mercury 240 sportjet.
    Had a decent ride up river, didn't do anything too crazy, tried to get her used to being in shallow waters, closer to shore etc Most people don't feel as comfortable at first when your running 10-15 feet from shore at speed or in 6"of water! I don't think we clipped bottom going upstream. On the way downstream I started hitting the odd side channel, getting a bit more adventurous to show her what a boat like that can do. That boat can probably run 3-4" clean, its amazing.
    Anyway we got almost back to the launch when I saw a channel I have seen everytime ive been up this river. It runs paralel to the main river and is easily maybe 1/4 mile long. You cannot however see anything other than the in and the out. Well sometimes thats just a hard thing to resist! I went for it haha
    Soon as we went in I knew it was a drive it till ur done type channel as there was no way we'd ever be able to turn around (it was about 15 feet wide)and stopping was not an option. it was not very deep. Then we rounded a kink and saw the real excitment! few hundred feet ahead I see what appears to be a beaverdam! normally that would be great but A) ive never actually jumped one before, even with anyone else and B) there seemed to be about 20 feet of wood in the water downstream of the dam before we're gonna get to it! I slowed down slightly to give myself more time to think. That didn't last long because then the rock strikes started, bang, boom, bang! Haha full throttle time its too shallow for anything else. From this stage on i am tunnel visioned on driving, altho I am also concious of alot of objects(including my passenger to a degree) bouncing all over the interior of the boat , we went hitting a good number of rocks haha
    Not entirely sure we're gonna be able to slide all the way to the dam and up/over it I hold on and warn my passenger to do the same. Well we slide over all the wood and up the dam to splash in the pool above it, in fairness this dam was only about a foot high. No time to celebrate that it was back to full throttle to get out of this shallow channel when the next kink revealed an even bigger problem! The rock shoreline extended out into the channel nearly completly all the way across leaving only about 30" of water on the far right against the bank The rest was rock about the size of golf balls and they were bone dry! I had no choice but to carry full throttle and try to kick the ass end of the boat out as we entered this area to try to keep the pump intake "wet". We obviosuly clipped bottom and made it thru that but then it got REALLY shallow and we grounded out a mere 40 feet from the exit to main river. Ill tell ya we were in there for less than 1 minute but wow what an exciting minute! housemate still talks about it! She was txt*ng people back home while I started pushing haha Wasn't too hard to get the boat back out and well worth it. I wouldn't have been pissed by my new cell phone's camera messed up and the pics came out all weird. We'll go back and take pics of that channel one day. I seriously wish i have a video camera running THAT day!
    Hopin to go boating again this weekend. You guys will get a kick out of that cause we have snow up here :rollside: :rollside:
    Ill also try to get a pic and explain stomp grates"" to you, best invention EVER for adventurboating

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