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    the race of the day in my opinion,was darren crystal.against ted faggert......darren killed ted at lights....word up darren!!!!!!!!!that boat runs faster than what i ever saw for a lake boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks again for representing norcal..and thanks bigg john for painting it!!!!!!!!!!p.s. i think faggart saw the back of the boat before he ever put the capsule top down,,,thats great driving......darren....i hope you never sell it,,lol....RICH

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    Thanks Rich,had a Great time at the bar/i mean the boat races i think i could have beat him if his spray wasnt hitting me in the face and slowing me down latter boat racers

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    hey darrin i got those flatout head gasket way cool lets see if they work.

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    ya quikshot,,,the rodeo was fun wasnt it???hahahahahahahaha

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    The Rodeo ?? that bad ass club that iv heard so much about ? where all the FINE chicks/ i mean ladys hang out ,yea its not to bad to hang out there after a hard day of racing P.S flat-out gaskets is where its at Darrin.

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