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Thread: Favorite toy hauler

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    Lookin for a new rig, What is the unit to have?
    Featherlite? or one of the RV based ones?

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    Tom Brown
    Favorite toy hauler
    Why don't you just continue to carry your toys in your ass?

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    I just did alot of looking and research....when it came down to it the ATTITUDE toyhauler by Eclipse was the best. It was also cheaper. IMO they blew Weekend warrior and the Gearbox out of the water. Check them out.

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    Next Level is the only way to go.

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    Fire Angler
    A lot of choices out there, all of them have there lemons. Just get the one that fits YOUR needs.
    I've had my Weekend Warrior for 4 years now, I can't complain.

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    had a friend pick up a 28ft desert fox on monday...seemed like it had lots of cargo area the way it was laid had the bedroom up front.

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    Why not just leave them in the box you bought them in?? GO JOE!

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    Stayed with some friends in a Next Level by Holiday Rambler. Awsome finish inside. Great lay out and it was capped by a fiber glass nose piece like the WW. Tell you the truth WW was it as far as my comparisons and staying in that trailer swayed my opinion. Check them out. Hope that helps if not sit on your thumb and bounce on it.

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    Next Level is the only way to go.
    I triple that. Next Level has the best for your buck

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    Exiss makes a nice one. Kind of a custom thing for them. Their real gig is horse trailers. Kind of spendy.

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