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Thread: FU rain....

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    I'm making a big pot of blackeyed peas.

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    I'm making a big pot of blackeyed peas.

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    Care to share?

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    Pouring about 50 miles northeast of you as well. I think fire season up here is officially over.
    Momma put a pot of chili on this morning, I am gonna start some cornbread here in a few..
    St. Pauli Girl chillin' in the fridge.

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    Care to share?
    sure come on by... i made 2lbs... Going to have gas for the next month :crossx:

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    98 Vector 21
    Beans give me gas...

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    I'm making a big pot of blackeyed peas.
    I'll eat the Fergie part of that stew :rollside:

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    98 Vector 21

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