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Thread: IHBA World Finals

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    Nov. 16-19 Pheonix Az. Whos going to race? Whos going to watch? Any predictions on whos got the sharpest saw? Let the pot stirring comence.

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    Bottle Fed
    I'm looking forward to being there again this year.boys make your boats look good cause i will be getting every glimpse of them.

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    that sounds good Jeff!

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    I'll be there with bells on - we will be pitting in a trailer ( the one with the hottub on top ) lol -- Wen- sunday TEAM 535 Will rock the boating world - with all that skillzzzzzzzz and Erick on the tune up - Keving Wrenching -- and Chickenwing And the ladies man -Flatstupid - the team is unstoppable ....

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    Ill be there watching and drinking like a fish

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    Ill be there breaking in my new motorhome and running the TE class. Come by the pits and say whats up.

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    I will be there next to 396 with the whole FISH thing. Mike will you be there Sunday?? if so I will bring the two part foam for ya just buy me a couple of beers for trade. If I don't get rid of it will go to waste and SSS won't take it back.

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    460 jus getn it
    Ill be there, knife in my pocket, 40 in my hand....................LMAO

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    Some Kind Of Monster
    I'll be there every day. :crossx:

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