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Thread: Where has this been all my life...

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    Boy berkeley makes it all..

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    What? You didn't have one back in the 70's. Everyone I knew did, along with a Berkeley windbreaker. The kind that had a hood attatched to it that folded up in a little pocket around your neck.
    Gawd... we musta looked like a bunch of focking geeks.

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    OR, I'm betting you wished you had saved a couple of boxes of both the buckles and the windbreakers about now.
    $33 bucks a buckle!

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    Gawd... we musta looked like a bunch of focking geeks.
    NEWS FLASH!! you still do.
    C'mon, you had to know that was coming. lol

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    Somebody better start a new clothing line. Berkeley Jet Drive underware, Berkeley running shoe. Anybody else have any other ideas.

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    NEWS FLASH!! you still do.
    Tell me something I don't know.

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    you're right. there's many things I wish I'd hung onto from back in the day.
    You should of seen the stuff I gave away after my dad died. HE was was a the King of all boat pack rats. His stuff dated back to the the mid 60's up to about 1980 when he got out of the boat biz. All boxed away for a rainy day. NOS Berk shafts, a NOS ss impeller, box after box of gauges, bildge pumps, wire looms, gaskets, SW fuel senders, helms, cables, morse ST controls, christ the list was endless. Being the GM where he worked, the suppliers whould shower him with free stuff to get him to place orders with them.
    He even still had NOS SW gauges in their slightly singed boxes dating back to the Tahiti shop fire in the late 60's. Insurance inspector threw away anything that was burnt, even if the part in the box was still good. My dad brought most of it home in case he or friends needed the stuff. Mercruiser gimble housings, lower units, props, you name it, it found a way into his garage, all boxed, labeled and on a shelf.
    I gave most of what was left all away to his friends who inturn used the parts on their boats, most of which my dad had rigged in the first place 25-30 years earlier. Kept a few things for myself, but at that time I didn't want any more jet stuff thinking I'd never have another one. What a dope. But I know it all went to where he would have wanted it to go. Plus, I really didn't have the room for his stuff AND my stuff.

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    LOL, that is some funny shiznit I was cracking up when I saw that

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