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Thread: A Car on a treadmill...

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    So, now that most have failed the plane thread with the exception of the argument of what "able" means, let's make this question a tad harder...
    If a car is on a drag strip, and the drag strip consists of a conveyor belt that reacts instantaneously with equal speed in the opposite direction, can the car move forward? (Assuming there is someone to step on the go pedal )

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    Is the car powered by a Jet Engine??????? LOL :crossx:

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    Is the car powered by a Jet Engine??????? LOL :crossx:
    Oh yes, I forgot it has a FastFreddy supercharger! And you can assume someone will be there to "flip" the switch on the supercharger.
    The answer would be obvious if I told you a Cigarette was in the other lane.

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    Dammit....I am focking around with one of Jordy's few weeknesses, and I have to get on a plane at 6:20. Guess I am pulling an alnighter since I need to be up in 2 hours. Sleep? that is for people who can't stay awake.
    I hope no one puts a conveyor belt on the runway! LOL...

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