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Thread: 1972 Wreidt Spoiler Jetboat

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    1972 Wreidt Spoiler, 19Â’Fiberglass hull. No motor or pump, mounting plates are for BBC. We have parts for a dominator pump, but some assembly will be required.
    The boat's in good condition. The transom wood will need to be replaced in the next few seasons, but it's useable as it is.
    The interior is in great shape, minus the two front seats.
    Trailer has been re-vamped & painted. New bunks, re-wired, new axle, etc.
    Asking $800. If you need more info, give Bubbajet a call... he's at (919) 219-7336.

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    This boat will make someone an excellent winter project!

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    Come on folks. This would make a great winter project for someone, and I really need to get it out of Mike's backyard!!! :220v:
    Make us an offer!!! :cry:

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