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Thread: F&L racing fuel

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    Bob Hostetter
    Anybody tried this stuff? Any good?

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    I know alot of people run this in the sand, High HP turbo motors and such.
    It is alot cheaper than VP.

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    Yeah, we've ran the 113 in the PS boat w/o any problems, fuel related problems, that is. I use the 111 in my old jetboat and it seems to do the job. The issue is supply. There is a distributor in BHC, and one in Oxnard, Ca., Van Nuys, Ca.,And the south bay area.... and I've seen the truck at some SCSC races. Ross tried to set up a race site distribution deal, but needed more racers to get on board to make it worthwhile, not sure where that issue is at now.......I know the truck was at Long Beach, but not sure about Parker next month............Maybe Ross can fill in here...........MP

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    They are a subsidiary of Dionne and Son's out of Long Beach and have distributors all around So Cal, AZ and Nevada. They do alot of business in the Off Road Racing Community and supply fuel at the races (Best of Desert, etc.) Give Curt Rocha at F & L a call and he has all the specs on the fuels he has. His number is 562-432-3946. They also are the official fuel of the Long Beach Sprint Nationals and the Long Beach Offshore Powerfest.
    Ross Wallach, SCSC/RPM RACING ENT.

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    Bob Hostetter
    Thanks everyone for the info........

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