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Thread: Harley ride Sunday

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    A group of us are going to be riding from Corona the back way thru the hills/wineries to Old Town Temecula Sunday for a late breakfast early lunch at Texas Lil's. It is the place where the cute cowgirls serve you and not the strip bar or whatever the other one is. I sometimes get the names mixed up. If anybody else wants to go I will be leaving from the Chevron on Green River at 8:30 and then meeting up with others. If you want to ride along be there. It really is a beautiful ride along with good peeps.

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    Sounds like a nice ride. We'll actually be down there doing the wine tasting thing, again, with a limo/bus and 20 other people. Love that ride, though. Should be great weather. Have a safe one.

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    Thanks. Well, maybe you will see us riding thru
    Have fun on your wine tasting ride. Good idea to do a limo bus so people aren't driving drunk.
    Yeah, it's way more fun when you don't have to drive. The bus can get outta hand, and probably will... :crossx:

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    Damn... we will be riding on Saturday. heading to the Corona Indian customer appreciation day. Already made plans for Sunday. If I can get out of them, I would love to meet up and ride Sunday too.

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    Let me see if I can pull it off with the wife and I'll see if I can gather a few more riders also.

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    You have a Harley RB?
    We have a couple bikes.

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    I'd like to try to make it and meet some HB peeps. Don't really know the area. Is the Chevron Green River right next to the 91 with a Coco's or something?

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    Didn't know that. Who is we white man?
    we= the family. We had a couple of them in the wharehouse when you bought the Spectra.
    I used to drive a springer to school when I was 15 1/2. with my learners permit. My uncle is GM down at Corona Indian.

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    RB...The Corona Indian has been replaced over by In-Out with a satelitte sales/servce location of Skips HD in Riverside.
    Unless they moved somewhere else but I thought they went out of business.
    Got ya....
    They moved to over by aftershock boats, much bigger shop.
    they are also a polaris dealer now and still dabble in the Chopper market, but that fad is coming to an end.

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    Are they also going to be selling big screen TV's?
    jk....I wish the Indian brand could somehow find some consistency. They are after all the first American bike builder. They just can not stay afloat for whatever reasons.
    They will be back out (again) in '07. but I hear ya, they just cant seem to get it right and stay in business. we had 2 of the newer chiefs (S&S powered bikes) and they are a much higher quality bike than Harley, but it seems as thought they just cant catch a break. Maybe this time around they will find success.

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