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Thread: polycarbonate wheels, would U rock'em?

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    i would....looks ok i think

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    Some Kind Of Monster
    Not because they wouldn't look good, but because they are going to scratch up, brake dust is going to gather on the back sides, and the brakes are going got get hot.

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    the polycarbonate is the strongest part of that wheel for sure.
    Not my style so nope, I wouldn't run 'em.

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    seen those at sema also so whoes going to be the first to put those on?

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    Took pix of those at SEMA. The problem with them is how do you clean them? You would have to take them off to clean all the brake dust off of the back side, OH, and they are totally GHEY...

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    Hopfully this fricken pic works. I took this at SEMA. They were on a big ol Mercedes.

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    Tom Brown
    I wonder if they would throw in a pair of lucite 6" platform heels with every set? :idea:

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    They'd look great on a boat trailer

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    sanger rat
    Some valve covers would be nice so I could see how much oil I'm pumping up there.

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