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Thread: Blown Merc HP 516 (snapped connecting rod)

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    Here is the low down:
    Merc HP 500 bored to a 516.
    Vortech Blower (4 psi)
    Super chiller
    Dual Throttle bodies
    Mad EFI system (with fuel programmer module)
    All brackets, and flywheel included.
    Low down on the bottom end.
    Lost a connecting rod (snapped in half) and went through the side of the oil pan.
    I have not torn into the motor to see if the block is still good. I was told that is should be ok but I priced out new bottom end unassembled for a 540 BBC is $4000.
    This motor built would be worth a lot of money if it wasnt blown up. I don't want to deal with the rebuild. Here is a pic when it was still in the boat.
    Will sell as a complete package to the person with the best offer.

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    what heads ya got there? how much ya looking to get fer it? are you selling it compleat with ignition?, ect:? details please...

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    Trufully I'm not sure exactly what it's worth. I know that if it wasn't broke it would be worth some good coin. I'm looking to see what offers I get and go from there. If the offers are too low in my opinion I will either rebulild it or have the new 540 bottom end built for it and then sell it as an assembeld package deal.
    It has the distibutor and wires but no ignition, that was used for the new power I had installed. It has all brackets, power steering, altenator, water pump.

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    i think you'd be better off parting the thing out.

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    Maybe you would like to trade it in on a new, reliable, show quality Whipple efi motor. I guarantee I will give you more for your motor than a private party. Plus if you would like to use your headers and some other parts, you will save some money there too. Just make sure you tell everyone how awesome your new TPI motor is!

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    Sorry, I just saw the part about having new power installed.
    Bump anyway

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    $10K for everything. Just the EFI, Blower, Super chiller, and Throttle bodies, are worth that much.

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    I need to get rid of this motor ASAP...

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    $7K obo

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    Willing to part out:
    EFI system (intake manifold, throttle bodies, injectors, fuel rails, ECU, wiring harness, and the EFI fuel controller.
    Complete blower set-up
    Make offers on everything

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